Non-woven fabric packaging solution

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Non-woven fabric packaging solution

Integrate a complete set of fully automatic packaging system, including MES production management system, WMS warehouse management system, turnover handling, robot automatic palletizing, automatic cardboard unloading, automatic film wrapping, automatic weighing, automatic printing and labeling, automatic turning off the line , Automatic warehousing, three-dimensional warehouse and other downstream processes. According to the product characteristics and production process of the non-woven fabric, it has an automatic failure prevention design.

Features:Advantage:Scope of application:
1. Flexible choice of configuration to adapt to different budget requirements.1. Improve production efficiency by reducing downtime and bottleneck time.Medical, sanitary and other roll products
2. Comprehensive modular design to adapt to different site layouts.2. Optimize the production process workflow.
3. Fully non-destructive docking of upstream production lines.3. Satisfy the value-added services of high-throughput production lines.
4. Independent user interface, customizable service.4. Streamline production line operations to reduce labor costs and human resources.
5. Proprietary packaging and packaging line software modules can be customized and developed.5. It can maintain the cleanliness of roll products and protect the roll quality of the previous products.

6. Customized development of MES and WMS software or seamless connection with customers' existing MES and WMS.

Dalian Jialin machine manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Dalian Jialin Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd.

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