Central kitchen fresh food processing and distribution integrated solution

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Industry Trends

Central kitchens have large-scale procurement and intensive production to achieve high-quality and low-cost dishes. In order to reduce food safety risks and form an intensive and standardized operation mode, the central kitchen's requirements for raw material procurement are also increasing.

At present, the clean vegetable processing industry faces common problems:

Inaccurate raw material demand, high loss

Different customer needs and uneven production levels of workers have led to inaccurate estimates of purchased raw materials.

Uncontrollable processing progress, low efficiency

I don’t understand the processing schedule and cannot arrange the production reasonably, resulting in a delay in the delivery to the customer.

Difficult management of materials and processed products, chaotic inventory

During the production and processing period, the finished products were not put into storage and returned materials in time, and no materials were reported to be damaged, resulting in inventory confusion.

Cost statistics are inaccurate and pricing is difficult

The purchase price of fresh food fluctuates greatly, and the cost of processed goods cannot be estimated, and it is impossible to set reasonable prices for customers.

Processing data statistics are inaccurate, data is difficult

There are errors in manual statistical processing data, and it is impossible to evaluate the production quality of workers and the input-output ratio of raw materials.

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