Automated storage and retrieval system solution

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Trend analysis

With the development of domestic economy and the continuous development and prosperity of the logistics industry, the demand for logistics warehousing shows a continuous upward and downward trend‘ Intelligent WMS + logistics', automated storage and retrieval system solution and intelligent logistics warehouse have become new trends in the industry. Promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, promote the full access of personnel, facilities, goods and processes to intelligent MES management, and help the intelligent transformation of enterprises.

Business challenges

The lack of integration of goods in and out of warehouse leads to non benign development

High cargo damage rate leads to increased operating costs

The low degree of automation of warehousing business leads to low efficiency

Incomplete data information leads to failure of timely, accurate and effective communication


Planning and Design

Equipment manufacturingProject implementationAfter-sales service
Field measurementsR&D and manufacturing of automated storage and retrieval system solution hardware equipmentInstallation and commissioningQuality assurance; timely response
Project ConsultingMES, WMS, WCS software development dockingSystem runningSpare parts; free inspection
Operation trainingSoftware upgrade
System Simulation

Automated storage and retrieval system solution refers to a warehouse that uses high-rise shelves to store goods in boxes or pallets, and uses roadway stacking machines and other machinery for operations. It is an important logistics node in the modern logistics system, and its application in logistics centers is becoming more and more common. At present, the height of the world's tallest warehouse has reached 50 meters. The storage capacity per unit area of automated storage and retrieval system solution can reach 13 (t/㎡), or even the highest, which is 5-10 times that of an ordinary warehouse. Due to the use of high-rise shelves to store goods, the storage area can be greatly developed to the high altitude, making full use of the warehouse floor and space. Therefore, the inventory area is saved and the space utilization rate is provided. Use machinery and automated equipment. Fast operation and processing speed improves labor productivity and reduces the labor intensity of operators. The  automatedautomated storage and retrieval system solution is the most dynamic sorting system and automatic guided vehicle developed by the contemporary shelf storage system, and is known as the three major signs of logistics technology modernization.logistics technology modernization.


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