AGV solution for logistics warehousing system

2021-12-14 09:44:38 jolinmfg

Industry Trends

In the manufacturing industry, small batches and multi-variety orders account for an increasing proportion. A production line needs to choose a huge number of parts during peak periods, and faces a large number of complex sorting tasks.

Business challenge

The traditional process is that workers walk back and forth in the finished product storage area to pick according to the documents, which places high requirements on the management of parts and components, requiring strict inventory requisition, warehousing registration, inventory counting, account verification, and untimely replenishment and warehousing. Early warning, spare parts management work efficiency is low.

System architecture 

Facing the huge sorting workload and complexity and reducing the pressure of management work, it is necessary to introduce a flexible and efficient customized production system to ensure the precise distribution and high quality of parts and components, improve efficiency and accuracy, and introduce flexibility, Intelligent AGV smart trolley logistics system, including smart handling equipment, automatic packaging and stacking equipment and automatic assembly machines and other equipment products supporting MES, WMS systems, and intelligent logistics solutions.


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