Palletizing Robot JTRB-120

The palletizing robot is suitable for pharmaceutical, beverage, food, beer, plastics, electronics and other production enterprises to stack and unpack finished products such as bags, carton packaging and packaging with different grippers. It can be set in a narrow space, and the operation control can be operated on the control screen. It can work all day, equipped with mechanical grab, which can replace workers for stacking and handling operation, save labor cost and improve production efficiency.


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It is widely used in food,chemical,medicine and logistics industry,Carton Box Sealer is used in many fields such as cake,medicine,paraffin and so on.Our machine called automatic carton palletizer machine,also called case palletizer machine refers to pack products in carton box.This Fully Automatic Case Palletizer For Carton Box has received approval from famous industries around the world,this machine belongs to fully cam driven continuous system assures positive and stable motion with macimum stability.

Suitable Pallet SizeL1200 W1200
Palletize Weight120kg
Action axes4 axis
Gripping DeviceClamp plate,finger,sucking plate and others
Power requirements5.8kw(AC380V 50/60Hz)
Machine weightApprox.850kgs

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