Full Automatic Case Packer

Product Information:Product ID: JTP-05Type: automatic casing machine Machine specification: L5260*W1830*H2000Technical parameters:Casing spec: L300-400*W300-450*H100-200Casing rate: 8-12ctns/min(adju


Product Information:
Product ID: JTP-05
Type: automatic casing machine 
Machine specification: L5260*W1830*H2000
Technical parameters:
Casing spec: L300-400*W300-450*H100-200
Casing rate: 8-12ctns/min(adjustable)
Rated power: 380V/4kw
Table-board height: 800
Applicable gas source: 0.6MPa
Machine weight: 1600Kg
Glue consumption: 1.2Kg/h

About Product:

JOLINMFG full automatic casing machine is a new generation packing machine researched and developed by our research personnel on the basis of import and absorb of high technology from the U.S.A., Japan and Germany. We utilize electric components in first grade in the world such as PLC and SMC electric components of Mitsubishi and Nordson thermosol machine from the U.S.A. to achieve a constant and automatic post-packing working process of case molding, encasement, hemming, glue spraying and case sealing. It is extensively applied to case manufacture with purposes such as instant noodle, tobacco, soap, drinks and foods due to its features such as reasonable structure, stable performance, reliable quality, high productivity, strong adaptability, high automation and lower production cost.

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