High Speed Carton Erector JTK-03H

The unpacking machine, also known as the carton automatic forming and back sealing machine, is a special carton equipment that opens the carton board, converts the bottom of the carton according to the setting, pastes and seals it with adhesive tape, and then transports it to the packing machine. The automatic high speed unpacking machine can automatically complete unpacking, forming, lower bottom folding and leaf bending The lower part of the adhesive tape has been pasted; The carton board is erected for stable transportation; The carton can be lengthened as needed to increase the storage capacity; 90 degree carton board storage bin; Suitable for cartons of different quality; Quick turn box; Stepless frequency conversion control is adopted for forming and sealing, and the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. Save working hours; Simple operation and easy adjustment; Optional hot melt adhesive machine sealing box.


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1. Precision designed and engineered by expertise .This carton erector has been awarded several patents ,and has received approval from famous industries around the world .It is the highest speed carton forming and sealing machine in Dalian Jolinpack.

2.Fully cams are driven continuous system assures positive stable motion with maximum stability.

3.In a breakthrough for tapping head design ,this machine provides extremely secure sealing effect ,outstanding tape smoothening performance ,without tape slipping problems.

4.Accommodates all type of self-adhesive tapes.

5.Variable speed adjustment for carton forming and sealing . Reducing labor requirements.

6.Easy to operate and adjust .No damage on carton.

7.Horizontal cardboard stacking permits for supply of empty carboard at any time.

8.Automatic indication for tape replacement or cardboard supply.

Forming and sealing speed20cartons / min40cartons / min
Carton storage quantity100pcs(100mm)70pcs(70mm)
Carton sizes(mm)L280-500*W200-400*H90-400L280-500*W200-400*H200-400
Power requirements750w(AC380V 3¢)
Air compressing4-5kg /cm3
Air consumption450NL/min
External sizesL2780*W1250*H1840L3540*W1250*H1840
Applicable tape size1 1/2" ,2" 2/12" , 3"
Machine weight990kgs

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