Logistics Sorting Conveyor Line

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Sorting conveyor means special transportation equipment used to complete the sorting and delivery of products designed places. Automatic sorting system generally consists of automatic control and computer management system, automatic identification system, classified agencies, the main transport means, pre-treatment equipment and sorting crossing components.

Overall constitute automatic sorting system for automatic sorting system generally consists of automatic control and computer management system , automatic identification system , classified agencies , the main transport means , pre-treatment equipment and sorting crossing components.

1 ) Automatic control and computer management systems are automatic sorting of the entire command and control centers, all actions of the ministries a sorting system decided by the control system . Its role is to identify, receive and process signals sorting , sorting according to the classification signal indicating mechanism according to certain rules ( such as species, location, etc. ) for automatic classification of the product , to determine the flow of products .

2 ) Automatic identification device is capable of automatically sorting the material basis for the system . In the logistics distribution center , automatic identification system is widely used bar code system and radio frequency systems.

3 ) classification mechanism is the automatic identification of the material is introduced into the sorter main conveyor line, then through the material classification agencies diverted to a specified location. Classification mechanism is the core of the sorting system .

4 ) the main transport means to transport materials to the appropriate sorting crossing for subsequent operations, mainly transported by all types of machinery into , also known as the main conveyor line .

5) pre-treatment equipment is sorting system to the main conveyer transporting material feed table sorting and transport and other ancillary operations such as Taiwan.

6) sorting conveyor line crossing, also known as diversion, is the material from the main conveyor line to make it into the appropriate set of cargo area of the channel. Generally consists of steel, conveyor belts, rollers and other components slide, so that the material from the conveyor unit into a buffer table, and then put in storage shelves or picking operations work.

2 classification Vertical Sorter

Vertical sorting conveyor feed usually from in front of the actual product release sorter conveyor - the beginning of a simple conveyor belt. The operator can manually transporting the goods to the accumulation conveyor machine - an ideal cost-effective, ergonomic solutions.


Cross-sorting conveyor with a flexible route, take full advantage of the characteristics of the space, but also the use of conveyors to turn uphill / downhill. Bounce dryer and destination point using a variety of methods can be configured and optimized to improve system performance. Using appropriate layout, only one system can create multiple sorters area.

Slide sorter

Slide sorter system is random, different classes, the whereabouts of the goods, in accordance with the requirements of the classification (product by product category or a different destination points) a material handling system.

3 Features sorting speed, high efficiency, sorting smooth, smooth operation and so on.

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